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Welcome To Maverick Allstar Tumblers

-­‐Creating self-­‐value and success in our athletes by teaching in a fun, energetic, and safe learning environment-­‐

These were the words that ran through the minds of owners Shawn Brogan and Nick Craven when they began conceptualizing the idea of Maverick which has grown into the thriving, worldwide known cheer and gymnastics gym it is today.

Maverick All-Star Tumblers has always been driven by the motive to not only push athletes to perform skills they have never even imagined possible (redefining students' perceived potentials) but also to harbor and maintain a safe, comfortable environment where members feel they can express themselves through practicing in this specialized sport. Energized by the accomplishments they and their friends around them continuously achieve, redefining an athletes potential, is always a top goal of Maverick.Like a seasoned warrior counting the notches in his shield, Maverick can look back on more than a decade long path thus far traveled to reminisce on some if its greatest victories to date. Some of these victories include the time it placed 4th in the world at the annual World Cheerleading Competition at Disney World or even that time one of it's competitive power tumblers scored a perfect 10/10 for an event at the Junior Olympics or the many times All-Star Cheer has taken home National Championship Titles, now the sum of more than 130 first place National titles. These among many others in gymnastics and cheer are victories that founders, Shawn Brogan, Yvonne Brogan, Angelique Little, and Nick Craven can be proud of and that mirror the success each of them have experienced during the time they were competing at the collegiate level.

Shawn Brogan and his wife Yvonne Brogan, former UNT Cheerleaders wearing rings from their 2000 Division 1A Collegiate National Championship Title and their NCA Top Gun Stunt Championship Titles and Nick Craven, wearing a ring from his 2002 Division 1A Collegiate National Championship Title, had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they began the Maverick journey.  Angelique Little, Yvonne Brogan's sister, has supported Shawn, Yvonne, and Nick in there Maverick Journey since day-1 as she has dedicated her full time career to this exciting industry.  The young entrepreneurs, straight out of college, didn't miss a beat. They wouldn't stop. They could have failed but didn’t even allow that thought to cross their minds. They were relentless and could not give up until they reached success. They were the Maverick Cowboys who galloped away from the posse to lasso the bucking bull no others would approach. The challenges of opening up a 14,000 square foot facility pulled them side-to-side and knocked them from their horses more than one time. Persevering through all of the hard work, they tightened their grip, found their footing, and tamed a wild beast of starting a business in the west.

Maverick was born...

…Now, Maverick has more than a decade of success taking athletes from level 1 gymnast, cheerleaders, and tumblers to Level 5 and elite athletes. The founders, Coach Shawn, Coach Yvonne, Coach Nick, & Angelique Little have incorporated their vision from day one into the mission and the slogan of Maverick All-Star Tumblers.

“We look forward to BUILDING SELF VALUE AND SUCCESS IN YOUR CHILDREN BY TEACHING THEM IN A FUN, ENERGETIC, AND SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT! Redefining the potential of each athlete is our #1 goal!” ~ Founders